Daily Rituals

Space Marines have very organised daily routines including combat duty, prayer and indoctrination sessions with very little free time. This lends itself well to the disciplined and monastic nature of the Space Marines. They also spend very little time resting, made possible by their training and implants.

0400 Morning Prayer

Led by the Company Chaplain, the Space Marines renew their oaths to the Emperor and the company relics are displayed. This time is also used to give out orders, announcements and other administrative tasks.

0500 Morning Firing Rites

The Space Marines engage in target practice with their personal and squad weaponry. Awards and punishments are dispensed for consistently good or poor accuracy, respectively.

0700 Battle Practice

Generally this is close quarters oriented, however live fire or hazardous environment training may be done instead (or as well).

1200 Midday Prayer

In addition to prayer any injured Space Marines can report to the Apothecary.

1300 Midday Meal

Normally local wildlife killed during the morning activities.

1315 Tactical Indoctrination

This can take many forms, from information on a new alien species or technology to strategy. A debrief of the morning’s battle is common as well.

1500 Battle Practice

This focuses more on combined tactics in conjunction with vehicles, Dreadnoughts and devastator squads and normally includes a trial of a new tactic introduced during the tactical indoctrination.

2000 Evening Prayer

In addition to prayer, gene-seed testing may occur at this point.

2100 Evening Meal

A feast (by normal human standards) is provided by the Chapter serfs, and some Chapter Masters may allow alcohol to be consumed.

2130 Night Firing Exercises

If the chapter is based on a planet where there is no perceptible night or they are based on a fleet, firing exercises are under taken in exotic environments such as underwater, through dense fog or smoke or in zero gravity.

2315 Maintenance Rituals

Each Space Marine is expected to maintain his own power armour and weapons, and it is often checked by the Chapter’s Techmarines.

2345 Free Time

Space Marines are permitted this time to reflect upon their duty to The Emperor, however many Chapter Masters regard free time as a frivolous waste, and a dangerous distraction in the extreme.

0000 Rest Period

Space Marines are allocated 4 hours in which to sleep.


It should be noted that many chapters will not keep strictly by this agenda, and may shorten prayer times for example, or even cut out one of the activities in the list, such as free time, if the Chapter Masters do not approve of it.

Many chapters will rotate and randomise the daily schedule to keep the brethren alert and ready.

Daily Rituals

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