Omega Dawn

Mission VIII Orders

Operation Still of the Night

Thought of the day: The Emperor bestows upon us the gift of intolerance


  1. General: Rogue Trader Vladorf Kyro has reported to the Inquisition the existence of an ancient machine at the heart of the Black Reef. Kyro believes that this machine can be reached and could be used as a weapon again Tau forces in the Canis Salient.
  2. Battlespace
    1. Joint Operations Area/Higher Command: The Black Reef lies deep in enemy held territory. Joint Operations with other units is unlikely.
    2. Area of Interest: Black Heart
    3. Area of Operations: Black Reef
  3. Enemy Forces
    1. Tau forces have been documented in the Black Reef, however the Tau fleets seldom travel within the anomaly. Tau Forces within the Reef are believed to primarily be scouting and diplomatic missions. The Tau Explorer vessel Dai’Sun was reported in the vicinity of the Black Heart 3 weeks ago. Expect use of Tau Battlesuits if encountered.
    2. Multiple undocumented Xenos species is known to reside within the Black Reef. These species seem to be technologically primitive and are not designated Xenos Horrificus at this time. Last reported positions of Xenos species is 5 years old. Expect use of primitive weapons.
  4. Friendly Forces: The Rogue Trader vessel Guilded Raptor will provide transportation to and from Black Heart.
  5. Attachments and Detachments: The Canis Crusade has not given approval for this mission, so no nearby Imperial Forces will be unavailable for aid.
  6. Assumptions: The Black Reef is a stellar phenomenon composed of a series of gravitational anomalies which are extremely difficult to navigate. Warp travel within the Black Reef is considered to be suicidal. Most travel will need to be Void travel and Shuttle craft.
  7. Considerations: Ordo Xenos requires information as to the nature and disposition of the Xenos races residing within the Black Reef. Ancient stories within the Salient suggest the Black Reef used to be the center of a Xenos Empire. Any intelligence gathered should be reported.


Locate the Black Heart within the Black Reef. Deny the Tau the technology located at the Black Heart, recover if possible.


  1. Commander’s Intent: If there is a Tau Explorer vessel searching the area of Black Heart, beat the Tau to the Black Heart and capture any technologies within.
  2. Concept of Operations: Rogue trader Vladorf Kyro will provide transportation to and from Black Reef. Journey to the Black Heart at the center of the Reef and recover any technology.
  3. Tasks: Secondary Objectives: Defeat any Tau resistance encountered, recover any intelligence on the Black Reef or Tau military efforts.
  4. Reserve: Not applicable.

Administration and Logistics

  1. Personnel
    1. Deathwatch Jericho Reach Kill-team EN-54 (Omega Dawn)
    2. Watch Commander Alexios Dranias
  2. Logistics
    1. Rogue Trader vessel Guilded Raptor will provide transportation.

Command and Signal

  1. Command Relationships: Rogue Trader Kyro has recently been granted a Warrant of Trade and therefore should be very helpful on the mission. Any issues with Kyro are to be reported.
  2. Command Posts and Headquarters: Forward command post will be aboard Thunder’s Word. Headquarters is Watch Fortress Erioch.
  3. Succession of Command: Should squad leader be incapacitated, leadership should pass to most senior team member (determined first by service to Deathwatch, then service to Adeptus Astartes.
  4. Signal:
    1. Use channel RT-101.7 to contact Guilded Raptor.


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