Omega Dawn

Mission V Orders

Operation Burn In Hell

Thought of the day: Negotiation is surrender


  1. General: Ordo Xenos and Adeptus Mechanicus have lost contact with a jointly operated secret research facility located deep within the Warp. The research data at this facility is critical to the Orpheus Crusade and must be recovered.
  2. Battlespace
    1. Joint Operations Area/Higher Command: This mission is under the authority of Deathwatch and Adeptus Mechanicus based in Jericho Reach.
    2. Area of Interest: Medicae Level, Engineering level.
    3. Area of Operations: Eye in the Storm research facility.
  3. Enemy Forces
    1. Approximately 500 Tyranid test subjects are imprisoned on the research station. Test subjects should be detained in holding cells. Holding cells are scattered around the station, but the largest concentration is below the Medicae level. If free, expect Tyranids to use biomorph weapons.
    2. As the station resides in the warp, there is a possibility of Demonic incursion. Any damage to the Geller Field generator will result in a legion of Demons entering the station. The region of the Warp is not known to be aligned with a specific Chaos being.
  4. Friendly Forces: Adeptus Mechanicus Explorer vessel will provide transportation to the Eye in the Storm.
  5. Attachments and Detachments: The Adeptus Mechanicus crew is concerned about contamination, and will therefore provide no additional support for this mission.
  6. Assumptions: Recent reports from the Eye in the Storm indicate the research subjects have been making multiple escape attempts in the recent past. Without a detectable Hive Mind, the subjects appear to launch coordinated escape attempts. The inquisition and Adeptus Mechanicus believe that the station has been compromised by the research subjects.
  7. Considerations: The primary mission of the Eye in the Storm is to determine if the Shadow in the Warp could be detected to serve as an early detection system for the Dagon Hive’s activates in the Orpheus Salient. This research is critical.


Recover the research data from the cogitator-core. Redact the Eye in the Storm research station.


  1. Commander’s Intent: The head researcher Magos Biologis Melkov Kreel has been under suspicion for questionable research activities which may be related the the current situation. Investigate and collect evidence.
  2. Concept of Operations: Use a shuttle to dock with the Eye in the Storm. Recover research data from the experiments on the Medicae Level. Scuttle the station.
  3. Tasks: Secondary objectives: Locate Magos Biologis Melkov Kreel and return him to Ordo Xenos for inquisition.
  4. Reserve: Not applicable.

Administration and Logistics

  1. Personnel
    1. Deathwatch Jericho Reach Kill-team EN-54 (Omega Dawn)
    2. Watch Commander Alexios Dranias
  2. Logistics
    1. Adeptus Mechanicus Explorer vessel will provide transportation, but is under strict orders to not board the research station.

Command and Signal

  1. Command Relationships: Ship crew are aware of Inquisition representatives onboard and this is considered a joint mission with Deathwatch taking the lead role.
  2. Command Posts and Headquarters: Forward command post will be aboard Thunder’s Word. Headquarters is Watch Fortress Erioch.
  3. Succession of Command: Should squad leader be incapacitated, leadership should pass to most senior team member (determined first by service to Deathwatch, then service to Adeptus Astartes.
  4. Signal:
    1. Use channel AM-191.7 to contact Explorer Vessel.


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