Omega Dawn

Mission IV Orders

Operation What It Takes

Thought of the day: A single thought of heresy can blight a lifetime of faithful duty


  1. General: A Deathwatch Kill-Team has gone missing while on assignment. You are currently in orbit of Coranin, the operation location of the missing Kill-Team.
  2. Battlespace
    1. Joint Operations Area/Higher Command: There are no friendly forces within the region of the Hadex Anomaly.
    2. Area of Interest: Deathwatch Kill-Team landing zone
    3. Area of Operations: Stigmartus Librarium and surrounding areas.
  3. Enemy Forces
    1. Approximately 1,000 Stigmartus cultists in region. Forces in region are entrenched in Eight sub-libraries scattered around Librarium. The sub-libraries form a non-uniform ring around the central librarium, roughly 5 Km from the librarium. Expect use of Imperial Guard equivalent equipment.
    2. Approximately 100 Stigmartus Traitor Space Marines in region. Forces in region are entrenched in Eight sub-libraries scattered around Librarium. Traitor marines serve as elite guards and library masters. Expect use of outdated Astartes equipment and Chaos Sorcery.
    3. Unknown number of daemons in region. Forces are reportedly summoned at random from the Warp by Chaos Sorcerers. Expect lesser daemons to be summoned after encountering any chaos forces. As the planet is currently aligned with Tzeentch, expect the Daemon Prince on the world to be a powerful Sorcerer.
  4. Friendly Forces: The Mourning Herald will remain in orbit while Kill-Team is on mission and may be able to offer limited assistance.
  5. Attachments and Detachments: Due to the recent incident on the Mourning Herald, support requests should be limited.
  6. Assumptions: The mission Kill-Team is assumed to be alive and under heavy fire.
  7. Considerations: Kyro still needs to be delivered safely to Watch Fortress Andronicus. As Coranin is a Daemon World, normal physical laws may not be reliable.


Search and Rescue of Kill-Team EN-19.


  1. Commander’s Intent: Locate and evacuate all 5 team members of Kill-Team EN-19.
  2. Concept of Operations: Use drop pod to land near last know coordinates of Kill-Team transportation, a Rogue Trader ship. Locate Kill-Team members. Use Deathwatch Thunderhawk or summon evacuation from Mourning Herald.
  3. Tasks: Secondary objectives: Complete Kill-Team EN-19’s mission if incomplete.
  4. Reserve: Not applicable.

Administration and Logistics

  1. Personnel
    1. Deathwatch Jericho Reach Kill-team EN-54 (Omega Dawn)
    2. Watch Commander Alexios Dranias
  2. Logistics
    1. Imperial Guard Escort ship Mourning Herald will handle transportation.

Command and Signal

  1. Command Relationships: Ship crew are aware of Inquisition representatives onboard. Kyro’s presence and reason for transport are classified.
  2. Command Posts and Headquarters: Forward command post will be aboard Thunder’s Word, which will rendezvous at Watch Station Andronicus. Headquarters is Watch Fortress Erioch.
  3. Succession of Command: Should squad leader be incapacitated, leadership should pass to most senior team member (determined first by service to Deathwatch, then service to Adeptus Astartes.
  4. Signal:
    1. Use channel IG-101.7 to contact Mourning Herald.
    2. Deathwatch Passive Vox Channel E-990 can be used to triangulate Kill-Team location. Avoid using that channel until locating EN-19 to avoid compromising the team or notifying the enemy of EN-54’s presence in case the communication channel has been compromised.


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