Omega Dawn

Mission I Orders

Operation Welcome to the Jungle

Thought of the day: Even a man who has nothing can still offer his life.


  1. General: For five solar months, the Castobel system has been under assault from Tyranid Hive Fleet Dagon. While the star system’s fate hangs in the balance, the moon Tantalus is in the process of falling. It is presumed that 89% of the 79 million inhabitants of Tantalus have already fallen, with 100% casualties expected within two solar days. A Cult Mechanicus Biologis contingent performed scans of the Tyranid bio-forms and attack-patterns. The shuttlecraft containing the contingent crashed in the sub-artic region near a Departmento Munitorum facility. Tyranid forces are rapidly approaching the region and are expected to arrive within hours.
  2. Battlespace
    1. Joint Operations Area/Higher Command: Lunar government non-responsive
    2. Area of Interest: Crashed Cult Mechanicus shuttlecraft
    3. Area of Operations: Northern pole region, Pyroclast-Gamma-9 (promethium refinery complex)
  3. Enemy Forces
    1. Unconfirmed small number of Tyranid forces in the region. These forces are scouting the area for survivors. Reported positions center on Pyroclast-Gamma-9. Last reported position was 2 hours ago. Expect use of bio-form weapons capable of penetrating armor and flesh boring parasite projectiles.
    2. Aerial scouts report large swarm (~5000) Shrikes approaching the region from the South. Speed and position estimates 6 hours to arrival at Pyroclast-Gamma-9 as of 1 hour ago. Expect use of bio-form weapons capable of penetrating armor and flesh boring parasite projectiles.
  4. Friendly Forces: It is unlikely that friendly military forces remain in operation
  5. Attachments and Detachments: A Thunderhawk has been assigned for evacuation of the Kill-team
  6. Assumptions: Planetary military has fallen. Civilians and deserters are likely to be hostile given the dire situation.
  7. Considerations: Ordo Xenos has requested first debrief of Magos Vyakai


Magos Biologis Vyakai has a datacore containing vital intelligence scans of Hive Fleet Dagon forces which must be recovered at all costs.


  1. Commander’s Intent: Damage the enemy’s war effort by collecting vital intelligence.
  2. Concept of Operations: The team will use a drop pod to land in the target region. Search region and facilities to recover the datacore. Signal the Thunderhawk for extraction once the mission is complete.
  3. Tasks: Secondary objective: Rescue Magos Vyakai if possible.
  4. Reserve: Thunderhawk is to stay mobile in region, able to extract Kill-team within 30 minutes of call.

Administration and Logistics

  1. Personnel
    1. Deathwatch Jericho Reach Kill-team EN-54 (Omega Dawn)
    2. Watch Commander Alexios Dranias
  2. Logistics
    1. Deathwatch frigate Thunder’s Word will handle transportation to and from moon.
    2. Decent to planet surface will be a drop pod.
    3. Thunderhawk will be used for extraction.

Command and Signal

  1. Command Relationships: Local forces are unaware of this mission. All orders should be considered to come from Ordo Xenos.
  2. Command Posts and Headquarters: Forward command post will be aboard Thunder’s Word. Headquarters is Watch Fortress Erioch.
  3. Succession of Command: Should squad leader be incapacitated, leadership should pass to most senior team member (determined first by service to Deathwatch, then service to Adeptus Astartes.
  4. Signal: Radio silence is required during mission to reduce the enemy’s ability to locate team. Once the primary objective is complete, signal for pickup using Deathwatch Vox Channel E-773.


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